About Me

Hello Guest 😄,

I am Subhasish from India. I'm Software Developer by profession and just started as a technical blogger on the side. Besides loving my job and my side hustle, I like to read technical articles. Apart from that, I like playing chess, solving Sudoku, making bread, and binge-watching crime series.

In this blog, I will write various system-related low-level stuff like the compiler, large-scale distributed system, etc. I am working on creating summary series of my favorite technical books. Please follow me on this blog and subscribe to my newsletter to not miss reading my latest articles.~

Let's be friends at GitHub, LinkedIn and Dev Community.😄

As of July, 2021, I am planning on starting to explore Deno internals and creating a distributed compiler for Verilog. Connect with me if you are interested.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach me. I am always happy to have a technical discussion, mentorship, or collaboration. 😄